Liquidity Solutions

Line Item Sales

A straightforward process of finding the best price for a single fund. Generally more efficient when selling large single line items.

Portfolio Sales

A solution for investors wishing to sell a portfolio of illiquid funds in one single transaction. A quick and efficient process that is particularly useful when disposing of portfolios containing smaller residual positions

Portfolio Securitisation

Impaired assets are transferred to a leading bank at an agreed prevailing NAV. In return the bank issues a ‘Note’ to reflect the beneficial owners allocation. The bank manages the distributions, valuations and the ultimate run-off of underlying funds. In addition the bank offers a guaranteed bid (instant liquidity) over the life of the notes.

Share Participation Fund

Involves the transfer of an illiquid portfolio into a fund structure in exchange for a part payment of cash and a part shareholding in the fund. Provides immediate liquidity as well as a continued participation in a managed fund of pooled secondary assets.

Tender Offers

Wake2o arranges and runs Tender offer processes on behalf of buyers. This enables holders and managers a liquidity process that is fully documented and run by an independent 3rd party.


An auction process is suitable for investors requiring a more structured approach. The auction is typically managed on behalf of an institution, which wishes to offer a liquidity option to its underlying shareholders.

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